If you’re looking for a fun way to get your kids active and healthy, look no further than Agoge Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Our classes are designed with children in mind so they have a blast while getting fit and learning valuable life skills that will last them a lifetime.


The Agoge Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kids Program is designed to provide children with a positive environment that teaches them important life skills such as focus, discipline, persistence, cooperation, and respect.


Jiu-jitsu is a great way for children to learn these skills in a safe and challenging environment. The discipline and excellence instilled by our instructors often carries over to the child’s behavior at home and at school, resulting in improved academic performance and a more respectful attitude towards others.


Our program is subdivided into three different groups to accommodate students of different ages, sizes, and skill levels.


If you are interested in enrolling your child in our kids jiu-jitsu program, please contact us today.

Kids Jiu Jitsu Severna Park MD


Learning discipline and respect is important for people of all ages. These attributes require attention and training. Jiujitsu helps kids learn them as they work with their instructors to learn new moves.


Keep in mind that learning discipline and respect helps kids outside of jiujitsu. They develop respect for their teachers within the education system. For this reason, kids who participate in jiujitsu typically improve in school performance.

Jiujitsu can also help kids learn to be more respectful to their parents and other authority figures. Because of that, it’s a great option for kids who come from all walks of life.


If your child lacks self-confidence, jiujitsu is a great option. Unlike other forms of martial arts, jiujitsu isn’t about synchronized, choreographed fighting or holding certain forms. Kids jiu jitsu is first and foremost about having fun. However, they build self-confidence through real feedback from working with partners.


Children who participate in jiujitsu also build self-confidence in their ability to defend themselves. Jiujitsu isn’t about learning flashy movements or unrealistic techniques. It’s about learning real techniques that kids can use to defend themselves if the need should ever arise. This kind of confidence helps them stand up for themselves.


Jiujitsu isn’t about causing harm to others. It’s not about using what you know to pick and win fights either. Instead, it’s about learning how to neutralize situations so that no one gets hurt. In fact, it’s the key to defending yourself.

With jiujitsu, children learn to use their attackers’ momentum against them to solve realistic scenarios. They also learn how to quickly escape when they’re being pinned on the ground by much bigger and stronger attackers.

In short, the ideology behind jiujitsu for children is to defend one’s self without inflicting damage by kicking and punching. Learning to solve problems with violence isn’t the answer. First and foremost, kids should learn to solve problems by using their words and self-control.


Jiujitsu helps children make new friends in positive ways. Many kids lack the social skills that people naturally developed before the internet was so widely accessible. Now, children struggle to make friends in real life because they aren’t familiar with social interaction.


Jiujitsu teaches them the importance of socializing and making friends. In most cases, kids practice jiujitsu techniques with partners. This forms a level of interaction that most kids don’t get on a regular basis.


This socialization can help them make friends outside of jiujitsu as well. In addition, the friends that they make in jiujitsu class learn the same positive traits. These are the types of children you want your child to make friends with.


The majority of kids are content with just sitting around and playing video games or watching YouTube. While these activities are fine in moderation, they have to be offset with physical activities. That’s where jiujitsu for kids comes into play.

With jiujitsu, they have to get active. In most cases, it’s something that children truly enjoy and look forward to. Jiujitsu helps them build not only core strength but also coordination.

Is your child involved in other sports? If so, jiujitsu is the perfect complement. The coordination and partnership that they learn can help them in nearly any sport. Jiujitsu can fill downtime to keep kids active when their sports aren’t in season as well.


Jiujitsu teaches kids the value of putting in a little extra work each day to reach their goals. At the same time, it teaches them that thinking positively helps them reach these goals. Even improving toward a goal at 1% a day is progress.


Jiujitsu allows kids to test themselves while measuring their improvement. They can learn new techniques and still practicing old ones. Furthermore, they learn what it takes to overcome challenges and enhance their skills.


In the end, jiujitsu is a positive hobby that kids can look forward to. Do you remember what it feels like to look forward to something so much that you literally count the days? That’s the type of excitement that many kids have when it comes to jiujitsu. They look forward to learning new techniques and spending time with their friends.


As a parent, it’s nice to see your child get involved with a positive hobby. While there’s nothing wrong with gaming, it’s still a hobby that’s best enjoyed in moderation. There are no physical or social benefits to gain from gaming as a hobby. However, these benefits are present in jiujitsu for children.